The recent inclement weather has been a testing time for people and their properties all around the UK. Many of us only pay attention to our biggest asset when something goes wrong. So, what are you?

Reactive or Proactive?

Winds of up to 70mph are a regular occurrence in the UK at the moment with the tail end of so many storms hitting out shores. So it is no surprise that tiles are being lifted off roofs, trees are falling and causing structural damage and BMR are seeing an increase in walls falling due to the amount of water washing away foundations. So when trouble strikes “Who you gonna call?”

  • Is there a contractor available?
  • Do you know a reliable contractor?
  • Who will come out at short notice?
  • How much will it cost?


BMR offers a Proactive Property Maintenance Report that can bring peace of mind to Businesses, Landlords and Home Owners. This tried and tested service is available to people who want to protect their biggest investment – their properties. Why allow your property to deteriorate over time? This will leave you with costly repair bills and potential liability claims. Being proactive will highlight issues in their early stages and allow you to effectively plan and cost for maintenance.

Benefits Include:

  • Protect your biggest asset
  • Be proactive not reactive
  • Highlight serious problems
  • Reduce costly repair bills
  • Rapid call out response
  • Discounted building/repair work
  • Reduced Liability Claims